Saturday, September 21, 2013

Painted models kill more enemies!

I finished the 4 Infinity models I have been working on.  3 Line Kazaks, and a Scout with AP Sniper rifle.
I had hoped to get more done on my week off work, but life conspired against me.

I did at least manage to get these finished and based, and put together almost all of the remaining Ariadna models for my Infinity collection.

Camoflage can blur a model's lines if overdone at this scale, and I think I did a decent job of showing a jungle pattern without making the models details disappear.
Some people suggested a little bit of color, which I have done with the purple alien vegetation on their bases, and little bright spots on the uniforms.

Here's all 4 finished:

And now a couple of individual shots.  Once again, my older camera just doesn't quite cut it :(  I really need to get a digital camera that will take good macro shots for not a lot of dough.

My cheap Kazak Lt model. She sits in the back and directs most fights from cover, while doing her make-up.

Line Kazaks Front and back:  #1                              


 Scout with AP Sniper rifle: I also proxy this model as a Kazak Forward Observer.

Next up: Tankhunters, Veteran, SAS, Paras etc. etc.