Thursday, September 22, 2011

It puts the paint on it's skin...

Ok,  I started working on my test paint jobs, even though I'm still waiting for a few paints to come in from Maelstrom Games.

I found a few old Warzone minis that I figured could be used for Sentinels in the short term.  I am trying out different shades and a brushed on dip technique since I have never used dip before.

I have one fig done, and will get some decent pics up soon.  I have some crappy cell phone pics, but want some with better lighting.

OK pics painted and dipped, before basing and matte coat. With flash, and then without.


Edit: Got him dullcoated

Monday, September 19, 2011

The plunge...

So I started picking up things for my Weird War 2 armies.  I couldn't just start with one army, because I'm the only one playing right now.  I'm hoping to demo Secrets of the Third Reich at the new store that opened up near me, 8th Dimension Comics and Games.
 I have a starter box of both US Paras and German Fallshirmjager from Warlord Games Bolt Action miniatures, as well as some Ma.k Melusine figuresto use as light mecha or power armor suits.

I will take a few pics of things before I start, and hopefully get started on some test pieces for my US Paras paint scheme soon.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Is this mic on?

Hi.  I'm a a gamer.  I'm a gamer with a family. I'm a gamer with a family that hasn't been able to game because of life's curve balls.

I'm putting this blog together to hopefully give me a push back into tabletop gaming.  I was your typical gamer nerd for a while, then I managed to find a woman that put up with my idiosyncrasies. Several kids, a mortgage and some medical mishaps later,  I'm more of a work with my head down to get the bills paid kind of person.

In the interest of getting some stress out, someone advised to me do something I like to as a hobby.
So,  wargaming.

I recently found a cool looking tabletop game called Secrets of the Third Reich.  It's an alternate events World War 2 game set in 1949. You can check them out at SoTR 1949 for their forums or West Wind Productions for their miniatures line.

I hope to use this blog to document my foray into this game. I'll be  modeling up several forces for SoTR, and using them to demo games at my friendly local game store.

Stress relief, here I come!