Sunday, October 5, 2014

Painting and stuff... yo.

I managed to slap some paint on all of my Bug Hunt corridor set.  It;s just base coating for the most part, and I really need to go back in and do some washes and more detail work.

But... it's playable now.
Here's a storage bin with 2 level one sets plus add-ons.
It still needs work on the exterior walls, and much detail work, but as is it really adds a new dimension to games of Infinity.

Just using a little bit with a friend's terrain complement made the games quite a bit different.

Here is a shot with just a few rooms and some corridors in use with my Ariadna against my friends' Haqqislam force:

Just adding the Cargo room and a wide corridor section off of one long corridor really made for quite cramped CQB style action.

In other news, I also got some work done on my first Kriegsmarine element.  Now I have 5 of them painted, led by Ada the anti-Leviathan sniper.
I managed to utilize my airbrush to get some decent gradients on the armor, and also brought in enamel wash effects for lining, washing and dirt effects.  I think they came out well for my painting ability.

Last but not least,  currently I'm working on more 15mm so that my Federal Infantry have some transport and Mecha support.
2 Khurasan Grav motive APC's with a Highlander mech by Owen Barents to support them on the field.

<--Constituent parts before priming

 And an in-progress shot of all 3.
Base coats and camo laid down, edge highlighting done on the mech and one of the APCs.  I still need to do highlighting on the other, then I can move to doing enamel effects and calling them done.

'Til next time!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

I can has terrain?

Ok, work was a little slow today.  I brought my  BHC corridor sections in to put them together since I have a game of Infinity coming up, and would like to use my BHC set for it.

These things take a little while to put together, especially when you find a broken piece and have to put it back together  :(

Last of the 12 sections:

And a box of 12 sections just about ready to play on:

More to come!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Terrain Ho: addendum

So, I've been working on my Bug Hunt Corridors, hereafter referred to as BHC for the last couple of weeks in my spare time.

I have been able to get almost everything base coated and it is looking pretty good.  Last thing on the plate are some endcaps for dead end corridors.

I am still trying to figure out how I want to do weathering. I picked up some black craft paint to try a very diluted wash in for the wall detail, which I'll try on a test piece.  IF it works out decently it will save a ton of time, instead of doing a gloss coat and enamel wash over everything.

Next steps will be assembly of most of the set, washing for detail, painting in fine detail, and final assembly and exterior wall painting.

No pics this time :(

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Terrain HO!

An update, not too long removed from the last!

So, I got in my Bug Hunt Corridor terrain from their kickstarter a year and a half ago.  It's been a long wait, but the terrain is awesome.  It is basically a replication of the corridors and rooms from the movie Aliens.

The set is a modular setup that allows you to move sections and rooms around to make your experience different every time you play on it.

Here's an example posted on the Kickstarter page:

I have enough to make a setup similar to this. I have a few extra rooms and options.

I am planning to use my set for multiple systems. Mainly Infinity, but also with Secrets of the Third Reich 1949, Gruntz 28mm, and possibly with 15mm Gruntz.

Inspired by a thread on Data-Sphere, I set out to paint my corridor set in a fashion reminiscent of a used military surplus base, or underground bunker complex, or even a gritty future starship plan.

Exterior walls will be in a camo green, interior walls and decking will be in a light corrosion resistan grey, and the walls and accents are going to be in an industrial green from Liquitex Professional Sprays called Viridian Hue #7.

Here's a straight section with the base colors on it

Same Section with some 28mm models on it

Some of my assembly line production

So far I have 12 straight sections started.  Lots of work to go.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tankhunter pics, and new stuff in the works.

Yet another lapse in posting.  Life and work and kids and such.

So, I managed to work on some more Ariadna minis for Infinity.  I have almost finished a pair of Tank Hunters for my Kazak forces.  They will find regular use in my vanilla list, as we all the Kazak sectorial coming in the next main book for Infinity.

I need to finish out the bases, and then dull coat both models to kill the shine of the clear coat and enamel washes I've been using. 

In other gaming/hobby news, I have started receiving a large amount of the terrain I was waiting on from Kickstarters.  
My order from Underground Lasers came in 2 weeks ago.  I now have more of their terrain to complement the other utilitarian pre-fab style buildings I had picked up from their first kickstarter.

This order has a large Microwave antenna array, medical beds and scanners, a large circular information control room desk with chairs, a set of vending machines, tons of traffic control barriers, and a large "train station" building that will do duty as a myriad of buildings for both 15mm and 28mm games.

I also found out that my order from the Bug Hunt Corridors kickstarter finally shipped after almost 1.5 years.   That one man operation was swamped with orders for the kickstarter, but has been plugging away and getting sets out to gamers so he can get set up for retail operations after final deliver of all kickstarter products.  I have to give a shout out to Ken, as he managed to get my order out in time for my birthday this year (July 4th).  So, looks like I'll be working on that stuff as soon as I can to pimp it out for use in Infinity.
I think it will make great starship, hidden underground base, and even above ground modular colony/military base terrain.
I'll try to do a build journal and post pics of everything up here.

Well, back to life.  Hopefully it will work with me and I can get some gaming stuff done and posted!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Kriegsmarine Paintwork

So, I managed to get some paint on one of my Kriegsmarine models a while back, and like how it came out.
I'll be doing the rest of the metal Kriegsmarine models I have for Iron Core/Weird War 2 gaming in this scheme.  Trying to decide if I want to use any unnit/army markings though.  I may just do a simple Iron Cross on one shoulder and a rank marking on the other shoulder or back of the helmet.

One down, 4 more in production, 14 total to do.

Also, I have a ton of 15mm sci-fi to get to, now that I have found a potential opponent near me.  Motivation to get stuff rolling along finally.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


So, i found a new line of paints and enamel modelling effect washes last year.  They were a brand called AK-Interactive.   I wanted to start picking up more of them, as they are great products; acrylics for paint/air brush, and enamel effects for doing panel washes, filtering, rust, grime etc.

Hard times had hit putting a damper on my hobby time and enthusiasm, but the end of last year brought an upswing and will hopefully put things into a better outlook.

I went to start picking up some more of these paints, and found out the line had been dropped.  Due to infighting amongst the owner and designer of the paint line, the whole line stopped production for a while.

I found out shortly there after that the line was re-introduced as Ammo by Mig Jimenez .
This line of products is amazing.  They are primarily marketed for military and sci-fi scale modelers.

The acrylic line is mainly realistic camoflage colors from world war 2, but has recently started pushing into modern lines of colors (Arab-Israeli war) Cold War, Middle Eastern conflicts.
The enamels are mainly washes and specialized effects.

I picked up some new colors so that I could finish up my Dream Forge Games Kriegsmarine models, and hopefully get to my Leviathan some time in 2014.

I started picking up the Dunklegelb line of paints (WW2 German tank coloring), which is what I'm using on my Kriegsmarine.
I hope to have some painted Kriegsmarine in the near future now that these paints are here.