Sunday, October 5, 2014

Painting and stuff... yo.

I managed to slap some paint on all of my Bug Hunt corridor set.  It;s just base coating for the most part, and I really need to go back in and do some washes and more detail work.

But... it's playable now.
Here's a storage bin with 2 level one sets plus add-ons.
It still needs work on the exterior walls, and much detail work, but as is it really adds a new dimension to games of Infinity.

Just using a little bit with a friend's terrain complement made the games quite a bit different.

Here is a shot with just a few rooms and some corridors in use with my Ariadna against my friends' Haqqislam force:

Just adding the Cargo room and a wide corridor section off of one long corridor really made for quite cramped CQB style action.

In other news, I also got some work done on my first Kriegsmarine element.  Now I have 5 of them painted, led by Ada the anti-Leviathan sniper.
I managed to utilize my airbrush to get some decent gradients on the armor, and also brought in enamel wash effects for lining, washing and dirt effects.  I think they came out well for my painting ability.

Last but not least,  currently I'm working on more 15mm so that my Federal Infantry have some transport and Mecha support.
2 Khurasan Grav motive APC's with a Highlander mech by Owen Barents to support them on the field.

<--Constituent parts before priming

 And an in-progress shot of all 3.
Base coats and camo laid down, edge highlighting done on the mech and one of the APCs.  I still need to do highlighting on the other, then I can move to doing enamel effects and calling them done.

'Til next time!

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