Tuesday, February 18, 2014


So, i found a new line of paints and enamel modelling effect washes last year.  They were a brand called AK-Interactive.   I wanted to start picking up more of them, as they are great products; acrylics for paint/air brush, and enamel effects for doing panel washes, filtering, rust, grime etc.

Hard times had hit putting a damper on my hobby time and enthusiasm, but the end of last year brought an upswing and will hopefully put things into a better outlook.

I went to start picking up some more of these paints, and found out the line had been dropped.  Due to infighting amongst the owner and designer of the paint line, the whole line stopped production for a while.

I found out shortly there after that the line was re-introduced as Ammo by Mig Jimenez .
This line of products is amazing.  They are primarily marketed for military and sci-fi scale modelers.

The acrylic line is mainly realistic camoflage colors from world war 2, but has recently started pushing into modern lines of colors (Arab-Israeli war) Cold War, Middle Eastern conflicts.
The enamels are mainly washes and specialized effects.

I picked up some new colors so that I could finish up my Dream Forge Games Kriegsmarine models, and hopefully get to my Leviathan some time in 2014.

I started picking up the Dunklegelb line of paints (WW2 German tank coloring), which is what I'm using on my Kriegsmarine.
I hope to have some painted Kriegsmarine in the near future now that these paints are here.

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