Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tankhunter pics, and new stuff in the works.

Yet another lapse in posting.  Life and work and kids and such.

So, I managed to work on some more Ariadna minis for Infinity.  I have almost finished a pair of Tank Hunters for my Kazak forces.  They will find regular use in my vanilla list, as we all the Kazak sectorial coming in the next main book for Infinity.

I need to finish out the bases, and then dull coat both models to kill the shine of the clear coat and enamel washes I've been using. 

In other gaming/hobby news, I have started receiving a large amount of the terrain I was waiting on from Kickstarters.  
My order from Underground Lasers came in 2 weeks ago.  I now have more of their terrain to complement the other utilitarian pre-fab style buildings I had picked up from their first kickstarter.

This order has a large Microwave antenna array, medical beds and scanners, a large circular information control room desk with chairs, a set of vending machines, tons of traffic control barriers, and a large "train station" building that will do duty as a myriad of buildings for both 15mm and 28mm games.

I also found out that my order from the Bug Hunt Corridors kickstarter finally shipped after almost 1.5 years.   That one man operation was swamped with orders for the kickstarter, but has been plugging away and getting sets out to gamers so he can get set up for retail operations after final deliver of all kickstarter products.  I have to give a shout out to Ken, as he managed to get my order out in time for my birthday this year (July 4th).  So, looks like I'll be working on that stuff as soon as I can to pimp it out for use in Infinity.
I think it will make great starship, hidden underground base, and even above ground modular colony/military base terrain.
I'll try to do a build journal and post pics of everything up here.

Well, back to life.  Hopefully it will work with me and I can get some gaming stuff done and posted!

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