Friday, March 23, 2012

There's Germans falling fom the sky!!

Woo!  More reinforcements for my fledgling Secrets of the Third Reich armies.

I ordered a command squad and two 5 man squads of Kreigsmarine from Dreamforge Games to use as my FJ heavy armor drop troops.

They finally came in yesterday. 
They are just a jumble of parts in plastic envelopes right now, but soon they will be assembled and painted!

These are excellently designed and produced miniatures.

Though not as bulky as the Westwind Productions German Droptroops, these will work very well.

They are futuristic, yet retain a very WW2 Wehrmacht feel.

The armor is enough to give them a heavier than regular troop look while still being the fast moving airborne troops they are supposed to be.

I'll have some more pics out of the plastic soon.

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