Sunday, February 17, 2013

Test paint for my DFG models.

So, I managed to put together one of the five Ada promo models from the DreamForge Games kickstarter.
I broke out the airbrush and laid down some base coat work, then did a little block work and washing to define lines on the armor.
I think it's coming out well.  Next up will be camo work on the armor, then highlighting, and finally the head and basing.

I'm using Vallejo Air Color Dark Yellow for my droptrooper armor, to tie in with the Crusader armor plating when I get to it. I'll be doing the camo the same as my FJ models (swamp style camo) on this model to see how it looks, although I may decide to go with the ambush style camo that will be on my light and heavy mecha.

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