Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I got a box in the mail!

Life keeps giving me lemons to make lemonade with.  I'll keep truckin' along with it.

So, I managed a little more work on some 15mm sci-fi stuff, and put some paint on a few more FJ models.  I'm not getting anything painted up like I'd like to though.  Migraines keep interrupting my paint work :(

I did receive some new models that will hopefully get paint on soon, and will be easy to do with my new airbrush.
I contributed to the Dreamforge Games kickstarter back in the fall. Part of my rewards have come in now.

I have here a Leviathan Crusader, several extra bits for customization, and 5 each of the promo figures that were rewards.
This sucker is huge, almost the size of a 40k Warhound Titan.
I'm going to be using it in place of, or alongside, the resin copy I got last year as Weird War 2 German armor.  I think they will be very intimidating on the battlefield!

So, here's hoping I can get anything done this year.  Get thee away migraines!


  1. Thank you sir for all the awesome models! I'm endeavoring to get my Crusader painted ASAP.