Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wow, Summer ate my brain!

Soooo it's been a while.   Summer took us by storm and I had basically no time to do any gaming or painting.

I did manage to do some trading and selling via game forums.  My 15mm sci-fi forces expanded to a good degree.

I'll take some pics an put up some lists of what I picked up for my Federal and Tigrid forces.

Suffice to say I can put some decent forces together to play Gruntz with now.

My Weird War 2 stuff expanded a bit also.  The Germans and US Paras got backup in the form of infantry and mecha. 

Here is a quick pic of my Tigrid infantry for 15mm Gruntz sci-fi gaming.
I have one commander, 1x 10 full armor squad, and 2x10 unhelmeted squads.
They should form a decent base for Gruntz, with their armor support to follow.

I'll be working on some other stuff soon.  Right after I take care of the major mess with my wife's car being totaled.

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