Friday, May 4, 2012

Migraines suck. And I got new stuff..

So, I had to fight with a migraine over most of my time off from work this last time around. 

I had wanted to get some painting on my FJ squad done but that didn't really happen. They did have some paint applied, but only some skin tone. I'm working on my meager paint skills, and my skin tones generally suck.
I noticed the US Paras had a very light, almost undead pale looking tone.  Using the Vallejo Bronze Flesh for my FJ's, I'm hoping to give them a bit more life to their look.

I did pick up a few things recently for my renewed gaming interest.

SoTR 1949 saw a squad of US Crow Dogs from Wayland Games arrive in the mail finally. They will add some needed infantry bodies, and bring some more Weird to my tabletop. 

Heavy Gear Blitz saw the addition of a Southern League strike cadre.  An FLGS in my area is going out of business and is having a sale on everything (including fixtures and terrain) in their store.  This was the only HGB thing they had, and it was cheaper than even Ebay so I snatched it up.

General modelling saw the addition of 350!!! rare earth magnets to my supply hoard.  I think I'll be set for a while with those. They're mainly for weapon swap options for my Heavy Gear Blitz models, although I'm sure they will find usage in my other models for turret swaps etc.

The store mentioned above also supplied me with some new Vallejo paints and glazes, some GF9 Arid land and Dried Straw static grass mix, some Litko systems skull markers (for SoTR and Gruntz usage) and a bottle of GW Gryphonne Sepia wash to try out.

I think I might go back and try to pick up some terrain on the cheap.  If I can get it cheaper that the cost of making it, and save time also....  I think I'd rather do that with my limited time to game/paint/build terrain.

On the Boo! Hiss! side of things, the USPS appears to have lost a Long Fang Naga model I bought off Ebay for my HGB force. :(  Waiting to see if it comes in by Saturday, otherwise I'll be getting a refund from the seller. 

Til next time when I hopefully have some progress to show.

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