Friday, April 27, 2012

Massive German reinforcement!

So, I managed to snag something this past weekend that will be doing double or triple duty for me in different games.
Dream Forge Games released a limited run of their Crusader Leviathan models in 15mm.  I managed to snag one along with some options to change up my model.

It is a huge model for 15mm, and will make a great German/Alien hybrid tech walker for Secrets of the Third Reich 1949 in 28mm.

The following pic is copyright and comes from the DreamForge Games website (used without permission here) so go see their website for more badass pictures of this model! That is a 28mm Sturmtruppen model compared to the 15mm Leviathan!

I'll try to keep a picture log as I build my copy of this massive beast.  I'm hoping it looks good in late war Ambush Camo ;)

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