Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Got my paint on today.

Some progress is being made on my SoTR stuff.
I managed to get the boots and pants done on my FJ squad today.

The squad is 12 men, which can be split up into 2x 6 man fire teams in the SoTR rules.

So, I divided the squad into a ranged support and an assault team consisting of the following:
#1 Squad leader w/SMG, 2 riflemen, 1 FG42,  LMG+loader w/rifle
#2 Corporal w/SMG, assaultman w/SMG +grenade, FG42, 2 riflemen, 1 Panzerfaust w/rifle

#1 I did their pants in the Luftwaffe blue of early FJ units

#2 I did their pants in FeldGrau (field green) another Werhmacht/FJ pant color.

All will have the same splinter camo scheme as the Panzerschreck team I already posted.

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