Sunday, April 15, 2012

FJs! And other stuff

More on the table. I primed/based my first Fallschirmjager squad with a panzerschrek team for backup.
Once I get them done I'll have enough figures to start doing demo's of SoTR and/or teaching my friend the game.
I also picked up some 101'st Airborne and US Walker decals from Company B Games.

The 101st set came in yesterday after an apparent wormhole opened between here and Washington state. It only took one day to get halfway across the USA!

I'm going to make best use of them, but it appears a few of them got scratched or nicked in transit.
I'm hoping the walker decals I ordered get to me intact.

In other news I am getting into 15mm SciFi gaming. I never realized the plethora of 15mm sci-fi manufacturers that are around these days.  You can find just about anything you could want to play in 15mm on the web now.

  An order from Khurasan Miniatures started my infantry forces off with Federal medium infantry, and their Felid antagonists.

I plan on supplementing my Federal forces with Heavy Gear Blitz Southern Gears as light mecha and power armor, along with more Khurasan minis Grav tanks, APCs and Dropships.

My Felid forces will get some support from Critical Mass Games in the form of Protolene walkers, and jetbikes from Khurasan.

 No gaming projects would be complete without terrain. For 28mm  I have plenty of burnt out European looking buildings from an inherited set of Mordheim cardstock buildings.  Plus with some generic hills and such I can put down enough terrain now to get by.

I willl be adding some bocage and tree copses to help break things up, then get into some more buildings at some point for 28mm.

For my 15mm setup I just bought some excellent Bridge/Road terrain from Game Craft Miniatures.
I bought 2 highway approaches for their excellent Arnhem bridge set, along with their generic steel bridge.  I plan to use these in various ways on the table:  Passthrough terrain with no access aside from Jumping/flying units, high vantage points, and objectives.

I was pointed to Ebay for some interesting 15mm compatible building auctions.  Seems that in the 1960's there was a company making a line of toys called Children's Guidance.  One set was for a clip together plastic building.  I managed to score a large collection and I should be able to put together quite a few single and multi story buildings with it.

I'm still not quite sure if I want to go ahead and glue together single levels to make multi level buildings on the fly, or just make some large buildings and call it a day.

We'll see how things go. I'm getting a little more support from my wife with my hobby lately, especially since I've financed everything by selling off old Epic 40k stuff.   I guess if it doesn't come out of my wallet, she doesn't mind  ;)

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