Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ada, fini! Plus new painting supplies.

I finished up my first of 5 Ada models.  This is going to be the actual Ada mini if/when the Iron Core rules come out in the future (fingers crossed!!).
I used the included base that is provided with the Dreamforge Models Ada figure.  It has a smaller lip than most of the lipped bases on the market these days, but I was able to work with it.

It's done in a dark earth/turf with a field weed to break it some.   Ada is standing in the footstep of an enemy Leviathan that she is tracking.

I could probably do a little more work on it, but I'm just happy getting something painted and based at this point.
Still need a good lighting/picture setup.  For that matter, probably a better digi-cam.  Old and busted just isn't cutting it any more :(

I also picked up some new paint supplies.  I've decided to try pushing the envelope of my paint skills, and branch out into some enamel/oil techniques used in scale model painting.
I've found some amazing videos on YouTube (look for enamel or oil washing / weathering for models).
I picked up a couple of things from AK Interactive that I hope will help me paint better looking models.

I snagged the Streaking Effects Set to work on my grimy looking effects, and I've seen it used for panel lining and pin washing. 
I also picked up the Worn Effects fluid to try my hand at paint chipping (similar to the Hairspray technique).
And last, I picked up a bottle of Chipping Effect color, which is an acrylic color used to replicate paint chips, as a base color under the final layer of paint.

I'm hoping to start working on my techniques with the new supplies soon, on the 9 Ma.K Melusine models I picked up to use as light mecha for my German forces. 

We'll see how it goes, and if I can update before another month goes by.

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