Saturday, April 20, 2013

Trying my hand at some enhanced paint techniques.

So I made some painting and modelling progress.  
I wanted to practice some new techniques using the AK interactive items I picked up, so I built a small terrain piece using a plastic Coffee container to try on.
I also started work on one of the Ma.K Melusine models I have.  I'm using my Iwata Neos airbrush on these models to make it quicker, and get some practice in.

Here are a few in progress shots.  Again, not the best as I need a new camera and photo booth setup.
First is the primer coat and rust colors on the left.  Not pictured is the coat of AK Interactive Worn Effects fluid.
On the right is the first camo color layer on the Melusine, Vallejo Model Color Neutral Grey.

Here we have the masking work for the camo scheme on the left.  I'm trying to go with a Dark grey pattern breaker/ Night warfare scheme on this guy to see how it looks.  I may make 2 others in this scheme.

On the right we have the Vallejo Air color Dark Blue Grey  top coat.

 Next up we have a couple pictures after removing the paint masks, and doing some light chipping work on the Melusine.  It went surprisingly well.  I could have gone overboard with it, as the paint came off very easily after wetting with a brush and giving it a little time to work it's magic on the Worn Effects fluid.
 I did want to show some wear on this model, but not look like it's been on the Eastern Front for a year or so.

Another couple of shots out of direct sunlight.

After doing the chip work with a flat brush and a toothpick, I went in and added some dark spots with the AK Interactive Chipping Color Acrylic paint.  I didn't want the rust spots to be too stark, but look a bit fresh.

Last, I coated the Melusine with a VMC Satin Varnish coat.  I may pick up a gloss coating to do before the next step, as I heard it works better for the enamel washes than Satin.

Next up will be the AK Interactive Streaking Grime set to give this a nice used look, and some weathering powders I picked up a while ago.

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