Sunday, July 28, 2013

So. I've been pressed into picking up and playing some Infinity 28mm mini's from Corvus Belli,  with a friend.  I've had some mini's from the Ariadna faction for a while,  but with no time to get out and learn the game until recently, I've had very little impetus to get paint on models.

This past weekend there was  demo day for the game at an LGS in my metroplex.  I just happened to have the day off, kids had a sitter, and my wife was gone to a music festival with a friend all day.  Great time for some gaming.

I set about getting some miniatures ready, and primed a few to try out a some test camo schemes. 
My minis will be in a Jungle Pattern, as we figure most of the fighting they will be involved in will center on the planet Paradiso, which has a recently released campaign book.
Being an alien jungle planet, I figured I can get away with a little departure from more muted camo schemes, so I'm going to try  to add a few bright splashes of color to simulate the teeming flowers and wildlife on the planet.

Here's a few shots of my test subjects so far:

Above are the Line Kazaks I own, in various stages of paint.
I think the one on the left will be the standard camo for uniforms across my Ariadna force. This will tie the whole collection together. To separate the units along their national identities, I think I'll use differing colors for their armor/web gear.

I also managed to get a few things put together for terrain.  I picked up a couple of cargo container pieces from Underground lasers not too long ago.  They were easy to construct and look to be great for use in Infinity.  I bought 2 of the narrow, and 1 wide cargo containers, which came with some extras in the form of ammo crates.  These make for some great scatter terrain, and can be used on top of the containers for sniper cover.
I broke out my airbrush and my AK Interactive effects to try out on the crates.  I think they came out decent.  I wanted a worn, faded, semi-rusty look.

I hope to have more work done on the Ariadna miniatures soon.  The entire army only has 16 or so models, so I should be able to get them done and go back to other stuff on the never ending mini pile.

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