Thursday, May 30, 2013

Another lull in posting.  :(   At least I'm doing come collecting in the meantime.
I have new terrain from that I will be reviewing soon, I hope.  I picked up some very nice laser cut mdf containers from their kickstarter.  But, more on them later.

One piece of equipment I picked up recently was a Badger/Sotar 2020-F Airbrush, as seen here;
This small, unassuming box contains a high end airbrush manufactured by Badger Airbrushes under the Sotar brand name.  These are very high quality, expensive brushes that come with very good warranties.  They can be found on Ebay and Amazon in the $250+ range, up to $400.
I managed to pick one up from Amazon during a sale for $78!  I could not pass that up.
I have not used it yet, as it uses a different size hose adapter than the one found on my Iwata hose and brushes.  Luckily, the adapter can be had for under $5.

This version is the 2020-F (Fine needle) version.  It will do very precise line work, and is good for doing precision lining and detailing.   I plan to work my way up to it after getting more comfortable using my Iwata Neo for everyday use.

Here are the box contents:
It is a very nicely constructed airbush, made from quality materials.  The fit and finish is very good, and the action is smooth as silk.  I can't wait to try it out when I feel my abilities can do it justice.

Just a small update about this.  I'll have more to post in a bit when I get a decent light box set up at home.

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